Mission, vision, and core values


To become a justice-centered school community who fuels the unique genius of each student. 

Vision Statement

Brooklyn Center Community Schools endeavors to be a collective who demonstrates passion, pride and perseverance. 

We will fiercely lead the way in justice-centered education, striving against the permanence of racism and oppressive systems while embracing a future where our diversity fuels learning. 

With every breath in our bodies, every ounce of influence we possess, and through every challenge, we stand front and center with the young people we love and serve.

In Brooklyn Center Community Schools, we listen, relate, advocate and affirm, understanding that our role is to be a catalyst for student growth and unity.

BCCS is a family, full of struggle and success. Through the heights of joy and the valleys of unrest, we rally for one another, believe in one another and make room to learn from mistakes.

We have inherited systems of learning that were set up to further disadvantage already-marginalized and silenced communities. Our response is to dismantle harmful practices and replace them with healthy power dynamics that amplify and embrace student voices. We will align our resources in ways that continuously fight the permanence of racism.

We see each student as they are — capable of unique, lasting and critical contributions to our community. In BCCS we uphold our unique gifts and talents; our greatest hope is that each and every student is able to self-determine a joyful path.

Our classrooms will reflect the students who populate these spaces. We insist that students have a voice in their learning and in resolving conflict and harm. As a district, we invite our students and surrounding community into conversations that affect curriculum and culture.

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Anti-racism in Brooklyn Center

Diverse. Inclusive. Courageous.

In Brooklyn Center, we advocate for social, economic and political change to meet the needs of our beautifully eclectic community. And we know that diversity must lead to inclusion if we want to make meaningful progress. So, instead of avoiding discomfort, we work to reject our biases — big or small — by confronting them with ferocity and compassion.