We go beyond the classroom

Community Schools at Brooklyn Center

We work with families and the community to help ensure all of our children are socially, mentally, and physically prepared for an ever-changing world.

With dozens of partnerships with community organizations, we’re able to better serve the whole child — eliminating barriers to learning so that each child can freely pursue their potential.


Nutrition when you need it.

We work hard to connect families with meal resources all year round. During the school year, we partner with a number of organizations to provide students with healthy food to fill in the gap whenever your family needs it. In summer, we help you find sustainable food sources to support healthy bodies and happy hearts.


Easy access to vital care.

Children from ages 0-19 are eligible for a wide range of free or reduced-cost healthcare, including everything from dental services and immunizations to eye care and other medical treatment.

Mental Health Resources

Healthy minds. On purpose.

Mental Health services are provided by The Family Partnership, Arubah Emotional Health, North Psychology Clinic, Cornerstone MN, POR - Emotional Wellness and independent providers. Appointments are available for free or low cost for insured and uninsured patients at Brooklyn Center Secondary, Brooklyn Center Elementary School, and the Early College Academy. Mental health concerns among young people are very common and normal, and we are committed to identifying and supporting our students’ emotional well-being.

All Services

Discover so much more.

Beyond these opportunities, we are committed to helping your family get connected with excellent people and smart tools to achieve wellness for every member of your home. VISIT OUR COMMUNITY SCHOOLS HOMEPAGE on the Brooklyn Center district website for full information.

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Anti-racism in Brooklyn Center

Diverse. Inclusive. Courageous.

In Brooklyn Center, we advocate for social, economic and political change to meet the needs of our beautifully eclectic community. And we know that diversity must lead to inclusion if we want to make meaningful progress. So, instead of avoiding discomfort, we work to reject our biases — big or small — by confronting them with ferocity and compassion.